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True Fall 2021 Collection

What matters now? Starting from scratch.

A new conscious way of living space in which home and work environments come together to influence lounge and leisure outfits, through natural fabrics and technically advanced features. With ethics, trust and transparency, we face a new perspective, a more conscious focus on the concept of sustainability.
Brands need to create real communities to share, inform and support the future of their collections; consumers are looking for authenticity and transparency, making responsibility one of the main foundations of choice and purchase. True is increasingly working with this in mind.
The True collection features a distinctive element for this unprecedented September show: the "Long Term" palette inspired by the holistic wellness, the colors of nature, from land to cerulean horizons.
This collection includes elements that are profoundly different from each other, but still modular and compatible.
From chairs to tables, from coffee tables to partition panels, from stools to armchairs, all the objects were born around the concept of "design through up-cycling".


"Sitting on the armrest is no longer a childish or impertinent gesture, now the armrest is made specifically to accommodate and support."

Francesco Favaretto


A collection, now with lounge chairs and small armchairs, created around an iconic and recognizable element: the armrest. In addition to the seat, the ergonomics, the comfort, the highly distinctive element of this collection lies in a detail that becomes an object, an accessory that becomes an integral part of the whole: the place where you usually rest your arm becomes in fact an additional seat and support, allowing to use the armchair in a more dynamic and informal way.

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"The module, in addition to providing acoustic comfort, is suitable to pace and furnish workplaces, open spaces, hotel lounges, but also private homes. Perfect as a backdrop for the new era of continuous web calls."

Defne Koz & Marco Susani


The Patch collection of sound-absorbing partition panels is enriched by an innovative and particular declination: the wooden one.
The family of these self-supporting panels in multilayer beechwood, with oak or walnut finish, installed on a steel tube was created with the intent of ensuring privacy, without completely isolating the vision and perception of the surrounding environment.

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"A continuous mark, a line without interruption, with no beginning and no end, defining the structure and enveloping the person sitting."

Defne Koz & Marco Susani


The continuous, fluid and sinuous line that gave birth to the Flow stool is now translated into new proportions, becoming a table chair and a lounge chair.

The shell, smooth and with a clean and essential look, is made of beech plywood with oak or walnut finish. The sled frame is made from a steel rod and is painted in our CMF color palette. Custom colors are also available.

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"A family of coffee tables inspired by nature. Walking in the woods, the sight of logs repeating one after the other creates ever-changing perspectives."



A playful and evocative name that refers to the forests, but also to the playful dimension of everyday objects. Silvestro, this is how Gaia Giotti, Giona Scarselli, Cristina Razzanelli and Erica De Candido of the E-ggs studio have named their new coffee-table. A group of designers and architects who, by joining their educational experiences and their visions, always create sustainable objects that can be easily integrated in everyday life, whether for home or office.


"The table originates from its edge. It is a soft, enveloping and ergonomic border, able to welcome the users leaning on it."



A table that is shaped by its edge, a border in solid oak or ash wood, within which lies the mdf top with oakwood, lacquered or other custom finishes.
The supporting base consists of a central concentric column leg in steel finished in a wide range of colors.

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