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Design nature

Discover the natural essence of our new collection
from April 16th to 21st at the Salone del Mobile in Milan
Hall 18, Stand E21.

Fender Capsule Collection

When an object becomes iconic, you can begin to start exploring new variants, one-offs, or building a capsule collection around it. In this light, the creative flair of designer Francesco Favaretto, the variety and potential of Kvadrat textiles and the occasion of an international trade fair (Dubai Design Week), the special and colorful edition of the Fender family took shape.

Office Life

In the office, in the studio, at home: we want to help make your working life more comfortable and fun. We design, furnish and think about workspaces that let people spend quality time surrounded by comfortable shapes, personalized colors, quality materials and innovative solutions.

Lights and Shadows

The graphic plays of shadows on fabric, product details that only shadow brings out, as well as textures of the materials: a tribute to light, but also to its shadow to discover what surrounds us with a different look. Discover more.


Our job: to make your life a pleasure!
And we do this by having fun (and playing) while we work. Everywhere we find opportunities to experiment, linger, share and even distract ourselves... to open our minds to new horizons. Indispensable inspiration for designing furniture.


Let's start another theme on our path of research and inspiration: the month of travel begins. 
In view of holidays and summer trips, True explores the journey in its own way, between inspirations and interpretations in which everyday furnishings become adventure companions. 

Collection 2023

Inspired by organic shapes capable of being defined in multiple families and functions, our 2023 collection speaks of lightness, versatility and respect for nature.
Wood, upholstery, beautiful details convey all the secrets of our new collection.


We usually speak about products in terms of aesthetics, functionality, or inspiration; often failing to explore the sensory attributes and values the products deliver. The True collection offers various hints of the sensation of softness: enveloping cushions, sinuous poufs, soft-to-the-touch fabrics, and curved lines that follow one another to outline rounded and welcoming furnishings. 

Orgatec 2022

In the heart of Orgatec, our bright white space offered a new vision of tomorrow's office - which is already today. Not just a place for work and function, but also a place of comfort and well-being. 

That summer feeling

Time to enjoy time with True

Milano design week 2022

An amazing intense week, full of things to discover, to see, to taste and experience. But above all, a week to meet each other.

The borderless lounge space

Dive into summer with us! On the occasion of the 60th Salone del Mobile in Milan, the first in history to take place in summer time, we exhibit our lounge world recreating a space from the comfort of upholstered furniture to the dreamlike imagery of a wheat field.

Extraordinary. Everysummerday.

Dive into summer with us! On the occasion of the 60th Salone del Mobile in Milan, the first in history to take place in summer time, we exhibit our lounge world recreating a space from the comfort of upholstered furniture to the dreamlike imagery of a wheat field.

Design on stage

Under the spotlight, in a timeless space with no boundaries, the True collection is portrayed leaving the viewer (and user) the free interpretation of the furniture in the space. The new collection of furniture True design is on stage.

Hotel Furnishings

If the goal is to get the business linked to hospitality structures off the ground again, please find below a series of tricks and new ways of working that will allow you to improve the design of the common areas and individual rooms, creating a comfortable yet suggestive ambient for the traveller at the same time.


Appearing to disappear.
The True Outdoor collection not only immerses itself in nature, it blends into it.
Objects designed to be experienced in open spaces are transformed into camouflaged bodies, where function overtakes trends and aesthetics become totally integrated with the place.

True Outdoor

True is now opening up to the outdoor world with a collection of furniture designed for the office, the home and the outdoor life.

Hybrid spaces

The offices where our furniture is chosen are often designed to encourage the new hybrid working methods and therefore inspired by 4 principles in line with the company's values: generating positive impact (on people, on the city), rediscovering conviviality, enhancing collaboration, letting creativity flow.

Home Office: creating your own workspace in your home

By changing our approach to the world of work, creating your own home office has become an essential requirement. But what is it necessary to do it in the best way possible?

True Chairs

The seat, if comfortable and well designed, is not just furniture, but a real and proper place. A space for rest and concentration, work and conviviality. After all, we spend most of our time in those few square centimeters.

True Home

A home to return to, a cozy space. The home is the custodian of moments of relaxation and sharing, of memories and new beginnings. And so, it is essential that our homes are tailored and suitable for all aspects of our lives.

True Hospitality

In the dynamic context of Hospitality (or - Hotel, Restaurant, and Café), the intersection between sophisticated aesthetics and impeccable functionality is an essential premise. Furnishings designed for Hospitality can transform spaces dedicated to catering into unique and captivating experiences.