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Hotel Furnishings

If the goal is to get the business linked to hospitality structures off the ground again, please find below a series of tricks and new ways of working that will allow you to improve the design of the common areas and individual rooms, creating a comfortable yet suggestive ambient for the traveller at the same time.


The keyword: uniqueness

Numerous hotel facilities in the world make standardization their trademark.
To stay within a very specific budget, people tend to choose a type of furnishing common to other realities, resorting to large retailers who produce in series and offer an average quality service that homologates different contexts. Green light for simple and linear furniture, which exclusively fulfills a functional rather than an aesthetic requirement. The realities that wish to restart on the right foot and recover the lost ground will instead have to focus on the concept of uniqueness and originality, choosing contract furnishings that can differentiate them from all the main competitors in the sector.


This speech involves the structure fully, starting from the common parts and arriving at the rooms, similar in concept but different in colors and details. Travelers, after a period of forced inactivity, need to be amazed and savour again the magic of walking through the doors of a hotel and waiting with surprise to open the door of their room. These are moments that are strongly lacking on a social level and therefore deserve to be valued also from the point of view of visual satisfaction.

Renovating an outdated facility is all the more essential to capturing a larger share of customers than competitors, as visitors are more likely to indulge in everything they missed during the lockdown months. Not only exclusive services but also a fun and chromatically appealing furnishing concept, which makes you want to return to the hotel as soon as possible to enjoy so much refinement.

Not just a place to sleep

In the collective imagination, the hotel is configured as a place that welcomes travelers and allows them a healthy and refreshing rest in preparation for the following day. In recent years, the concept has changed considerably, since the importance of functional and practical rooms has been accompanied by the desire to experience the life of the structure more from the inside.


Precisely for this reason, many establishments have equipped themselves with interesting additional services, first of all, a restaurant that does not only deal with serving breakfast but also organizes lunches, dinners, events or themed parties. The really interesting aspect is that this space is also open to those who come from outside, to be able to expand their customers and at the same time make their idea of hospitality known even to those who do not stay directly inside.
Creating a modern restaurant with quality cuisine is essential to increase the target audience, paying attention to the type of furniture proposed. Strong and lively colors can make the environment more particular and suggestive, allowing the customer to feel part of an avant-garde context. Opt for tables and chairs with geometric lines, characterized by shiny and innovative materials, which can reflect light and make the environment bright.

Also pay close attention to the lighting, which has the task of enhancing the most successful corners and concealing those that would need a revision. If you decide to set up a successful restaurant, the suggestion is to choose a specific style and pursue it to the end, opting for modernity or classic themed furnishings with a touch of reinterpretation.
The latest trends speak of natural and eco-chic fabrics and raw materials such as wood, in the light and even white version, capable of optically enlarging the room. Why not create a delightful bar space where even outsiders can stop and sip a cocktail? Think of the refined effect given by the Tod stools that recall the 70s' styles with their essential line, especially if purchased in the coloured plastic variant.


Essential shapes and organic style

Why not create a delightful bar space where even outsiders can stop and sip a cocktail?
Think of the refined effect given by the Tod stools that recall the 70s' styles with their essential line, especially if purchased in the coloured plastic variant.

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A vintage touch that immediately creates an atmosphere and encourages conversation.

Another element that allows you to experience the hotel far more from the inside is the Spa. A place of well-being and relaxation par excellence, where not only guests but also those who come from outside can enjoy moments of tranquility.
Also, in this case, the furnishings are essential and veers to the rediscovery of the nature of the Nordic and essential style.
Greenlight to the union of white and neutral wood, which allows the gaze to relax and customers to feel projected into a dimension out of time.
A few touches of color can be provided by furnishing accessories such as sofas and armchairs, which fall on pastel tones to recall the delicacy of the entire furniture.


How to enhance the common spaces of a hotel

The first impact that the customer has when they enter a hotel is at their reception. It is the facility's business card, which suggests you could find it inside the rooms. The first step is to choose a very specific style, which turns to the most unbridled modernity or instead recedes towards a timeless classic.

Go for color

In the first case, green light for color, using furnishing accessories with bright tones and natural fabrics. The lines are geometric and unpredictable, the tables have legs with an evident decoration and bright tones. The aim is to leave the traveler speechless once he crosses the threshold, fascinated by the detail of a contemporary chandelier that creates interesting plays of light.

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Each positioned element must be studied, being integrated into the furniture but also alienating and capable of hypnotizing those present at the same time. Specifically, we are talking about futuristic statues and installations, or abstract paintings that add a further note of color to the whole environment.
If, on the other hand, the reference is to the recovery of past trends, the 70s are currently very popular, which are re-proposed especially with regard to textiles. Let's think for example of the Biblis armchair, made in a pleasant mauve, with geometric and square lines, which alludes to a few decades ago while using natural materials that instead turn their gaze to respect for the environment.
Again, the Code Out sofa, which would look good in a reception with a strong style, wishes to convey the personality and philosophy of the brand. We are talking about unique pieces, which should be mixed with a more neutral background to stand out within an elegant and refined furnishing context.


If the location allows it, the further touch to make a big leap in quality would be to create a delightful outdoor veranda, which overlooks a luxuriant garden or a more particular corner of the city. Inside, a bookcase like Ethrio, with an essential and sober style, would allow customers to relax with a pleasant reading and spend quality time in the hotel without using it exclusively for sleeping.

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The secret to getting one's business out of the economic crisis that is still partly underway is to diversify and complete the offer for the traveler, at the same time opening spaces with attention to the smallest details even to outsiders who, for a few hours, can feel as visitors discovering an exclusive location.
Restaurant, spa, reading room or cinema room, the more activities offered, the wider the target will turn out to decide to prefer one hotel to another, remaining faithful over time and advertising through word of mouth.

The picture is completed by a modern and functional swimming pool if space permits, which can be built inside the garden or, for a more chic look, on the roof of the building. Access can be allowed not only to those who sleep in the rooms but also day patrons, as long as the entrances are limited to avoid overcrowding and therefore make the experience less relaxing.
Those present must feel in an exclusive place, pampered and spoiled with every kind of service that could be desired after a period away from luxury and comfort.


To each their room

There is no denying it, when you visit a hotel the most exciting moment is when the room door is about to open and the anticipation grows with anticipation to see what the hotel has in store. For it to be a nice surprise for the customer, it is appropriate to leave the usual concept of standardized furniture and open up to the idea that every traveler wants to feel unique and unrepeatable, treated as if they were special.
Implicitly, homologating the rooms means not giving them the right importance and consideration, as happens if each accommodation is personalized with a touch that differentiates it from all the others. This effect can be provided by a single element, such as a picture hanging behind the bed, which with more or less bright tones characterizes the surrounding space, especially if large.
It will be the first thing noticed once you enter and therefore it should be a unique piece to invest in.

The best practice would be to use different furnishings in each of the components while maintaining a basic style that is the same for all solutions.
Design objects scattered in strategic corners increase the value of the room and allow the customer to feel within a privileged and recognisable space, impossible to confuse with other locations where they have already been previously.

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The colors of the next season will be the warm tones of the earth and the sun, to rediscover contact with nature and recycled materials, which are given a new life, obtain an elegant, refined but at the same time ecological effect.
Play with textiles, placing overlapping blankets on the bed with contrasting but well-balanced colors, or opting for precious and decorated curtains.

A mix of risk and refined sobriety

The focus of the next trend will be the 70s, so green light to geometry even on the vertical surfaces, applying color only on one main wall to avoid the visual impact being too intrusive.
A mix of boldness and refined sobriety, this is the winning combination to impress guests and make them remember their stay at the hotel for a long time.

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Not just a place to sleep

Discover how to make people taste again the magic of walking through the doors of a hotel.

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