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Design nature

In the balance between product design details and the natural environment that surrounds us, Design Nature is born. The 2024 collection by True Design, where wood as the raw material finds its perfect application in the design by the Nordic studio Norm Architects, as well as in the objects by Parisotto+Formenton and Studio Egg-s.


The family by Norm Architects, called Essence, is a tribute to the pure use of wood material and its implementation in pure, iconic forms, which are complemented and consistent with each other: tables, benches, stools, bookcases, sideboards. Parisotto+Formenton reinterprets the traditional work table as a kitchen table. Flap  builds on essential, yet ergonomic natural forms to define an entirely new, yet familiar gathering and hosting place . Studio Egg-s, inspired by the enveloping nature of wood, creates the lounge version of the Lisa chair, bringing expanded use to the lean, simple Lisa form. And the 2024 collection also includes many other family extensions, always with the "design nature" philosophy.



A family of wooden furnishings designed by Norm Architects, drawing inspiration from the very essence of the wood material. Tables, benches, coffee tables, and storage furniture embody the austerity and strength expressed by wood, becoming versatile and ideal objects for both residential and work spaces. The interlocking structure of the table, bench, and stool represents the distinctive element of the entire collection: a functional product, but above all unique, thanks to the precise perpendicular intersecting lines.

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From the Lisa seat emerges its new lounge version: more generous and enveloping lines that, in addition to armrests, also include the possibility of having an upholstered seat cushion. Lisa's stylistic signature continues with the curvature of its wooden backrest, as well as the linear but thinner structure of the legs. A dimensional evolution of the Lisa family also designed to mix the two types of seating.

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Flap Kitchen

The mini kitchen designed for shared spaces or contemporary workspaces by Parisotto+Formenton. Compact in its two meters of length, it is inspired by work tables and benches; a small independent island characterized by a soft and embracing design. Equipped with cook top, oven, sink, and small storage spaces, it is completed with the multi-purpose central bar and integrated light. A mini-universe in a kitchen.

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Not Less

From the iconic matrix of the Not seat, the compact and technologically advanced variant of Not Less is born. Its base is multifaceted: in a steel version, either sled  base or 4-legs base. In both cases, the frame follows the seat. The base can also be configured in plywood version or entirely covered in fabric to create a monomaterial aesthetic..

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Sibylla corner sofa

To make the Sibylla seating system even richer and more flexible, a corner unit joins this unique line. With the same proportions and finishes as Sibylla, the corner variant expands the range of possible configurations, making the system even more enveloping and comfortable.

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Inside Mini

The compact version of the Inside table comes in two square dimensions with sides of 74cm/29in or 80cm/32in. The 74/29 version is characterized by the soft and rounded corner that makes its shape more welcoming, while for the 80/32 version, the solid wood detail borders the entire surface, closing at right angles on the edges. A shape that aims for ergonomics, accommodating those who lean on it and use it. An ideal condition for a small table.

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