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Pablo Sinan Akgül Garcimartín


Pablo Sinan Akgül Garcimartín is a Spanish/ Turkish product designer based in Madrid. 
Pablo´s design journey began at an early age thanks to his father who is a furniture designer and his grandfather who was a carpenter. So it could be said that he grew up in workshops surrounded by designers and craftsmen.  

For Pablo, a design should be humble, simple and most of all human. A design should not intimidate but invite. His mission is to solve daily problems with design that is intelligent, practical and at the same time curious. 
His design AnyWay was awarded the 1st place at the ITmakES design competition in 2019 and will be exposed in Milan Design Week in 2021.

True Design products


Anyway is a family of versatile varnished wood objects, able to adapt to different purposes and environments: stool, bedside table, coffee table, seat, support, turning also into a bookcase by stacking them one on top of the other.