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Avio Calandrin


Avio Calandrin, was born in Padua; his education is humanistic. He started working as an agent and then as a sales manager. In the 80's he created his own agency for the distribution and import of prestigious Italian and European design brands. In the meantime, his attraction for industrial design led him to attend the Milanese environment of design, exhibitions, specialization courses on materials, architecture and interior design. In those years he designed products for some of the companies represented by his agency.

In 1993 he founded Hoffmannitalia for which he designed almost all of the products and took over the artistic and commercial direction. He is currently the owner of Designitalia, a network that gathers design and sales industry professionals with the aim of promoting and applying the integration of business culture and design culture, an ideal support for companies, essential to their marketing and product strategies.

True Design products


The Biblis collection is characterized by aesthetic connotations typical of the home environment transferred to the contract, combining the warmth of home with the minimalistic language of the public space.