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Trend Stories

The necessity of creating a new conscious way of living is a fundamental step in order to create new perspectives for our future. Even though the world felt like it was paused,
it has been mutating and changing from every single point of view. The trends are now an expression and interpretation of our psychology and mark the direction in which we are moving.


Find a balance after a new start that leads us in constant change of our dinamics, requires time and a new perspective. Even though the world felt like it was paused, it has been mutating and changing from every single point of view. 
Coexistence talks about the research of the perfect balance after our perspectives have been altered. Following this long period of being at home and where our dynamics have been in constant movement, in continuous change, we started to create new narratives for our lives.

Color analysis

Pantone 12-0602 TPG, enhance the clarity of the spaces and the delicacy of the  objects allow our senses to explore new feelings and emotions. 
The dinamic  palette invite us to discover 
and create a  balance between the blueish tones that highlighting the necessity of new horizons and the neutral greens that join the  vivid color spots, together representing structure and support. 

The trends rhythm has changed, it runs fast as an
absolute reflection of our need for change, a need 
of seeking the different. Coexistence of intimate 
moments, of pause and the necessity of movement.
We are living a transition between the “now” and the “after”. Different forces tearing and pulling us, how to coexist in this constant duality?
This trend story represents the beautiful ambivalence of the unknown and suggests the coexistence of geometric shapes and industrial materials dressed up with smooth and tender colors.



New narratives




Starting from the basic concept of the human being having a strong relation with nature, we end as one individual part of nature itself. Elemental, the representation of a step back, invites us to animism, to find a feeling of looking forward towards a deeper experience, more meaningful moments, trying to be part of something. A journey of sliding away from fast-moving, trend-led changes towards a more considered, slower ethos that considers longevity, endurance and gradual evolution.

Color analysis

Pantone 15-1305 TPG, invites us to explore our past, neutralazing the full vivid color blocking period that we went through.The soft cloud white is inspired by the brightening phase in which we are living now.
The neutral earth hues makes us use our senses, tactile and sensitive calling us to grounted with the intangible value of been alive.

Elemental isn’t so much a literal reaction to the
actual moment, but rather a nudge towards a more
thoughtful, local, and sustainable approach, a new
meaning to our actions, the understanding of how we
can make and use things in future.
Local resources ignite the natural pigments and materials, the extravagance of using real materials and natural surfaces, finishings remind us of a safe place, a place that we recognize and understand due to our memories.





Meaningful moments

Re - start