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Introducing the 2020 TRUE Color Palette

The color weight, is one of the ways to apply the color palette into products and projects. By dividing the six colors in a unit identifier of 1X you give the perfect hierarchy to the principal color, the secondary and the color accent. The inner circle with the 6 colors represents the main color palette and the outer circle represents the right color weight that should be apply.

Trend Tracking 2020

High presence of raw materials, natural materials, hand-made or hand-sculpted objects. Strong divergence between isolation & community as same as balance and disproportion. There is a strong presence of both extremes, some trends tends to move to the urban scale generating social movements, social behaviors and an intense interest on the community impact range. On the other hand, the solid existence of isolation and increase of the intimacy research is crucial. These two extremes find each other in the middle, between differnet aesthetics aspects like contrast & uniformity, that as its name suggests, is the perfect disparity between rough & soft, multi-color & mono-color, materic & immateric, neutral color & intense hue color, tactile & intagible.


The Human Touch

People are developing an important attachment to the historical heritage indeed are shifting towards meaningful connections. 2020 will face and embrace the search of a global wellbeing, regaining consciousness of the collectiveness meaning. People will look for new perspective, a world made of human emotions rather than connections. Moving away from traditional living, Co-living developments will become more and more important through time, the common denominator will be spaces for gathering where to express the self. Human touch is the key. 2020 It’s a time of new voices that are screaming desire to reconnect with the past.

A strong balance is present in this trend. We look at a community scale where inside we can express our own self. We stand out in the community, we find our own intimacy while gather together with different voices, different cultures.
There is a relevant combination of high performance material while keeping in mind the power and the relevance of raw materials which underline the meticulosity of craftsmanship.
In a multicultural world uniformity isn’t accepted. Indeed we rather live in a world of contrasts, surrounded by balanced but yet disproportioned shapes, reminding us how beauty is made of imperfections.


People are not clinging on things rather finding a balance of the whole, revealing a new flexibility in the Future Thinking. We will experience a reconnection with ourself, re-learning how to be human, moments of meditation and isolation, in order to build deeper bonds while writing our own narrative.

The transition is characterized by strong materialization through recycling process while balancing contrasting and clashing materials. An important accent is given to the open pore wood and colored glass, enhancing the value of craftsmanships while carrying the knowledge of technological innovations.
Submerged by information and long standing rules we find our own intimacy.


New Narratives

In this dashing and frenetic world, 2020 highlights the benefits and the luxury of silence, of slowness. People are seeking out rest & repose through experience. The past is fascinating and powerfull, raw materials take a new meaning together with organic structures and irregularities. Artisan pieces are adding a sense of authenticity in a world where people seem to forget what a powerful heritage they have. New Narratives celebrates the imperfection, giving a new life to materials from the past. 2020 brings light over natural creations in terms of what materials nature has to offer us, each imperfect detail gives a key value to the material it-self.

New narratives is the celebration of unfinished details, of roughness and natural distortion, of raw materials and a nature inspired mind set. It’s a trend that gives spaces to our own voice, generating places and nests where to celebrate and rise our own intimacy. High is the contrast between what we see and what we experiment. This trend revolution up our way of looking at things, mixing soft shapes with hard materials and viceversa. Disproportion is exactly what makes everything intriguing for the viewer, sculptural elements catching the eyes, while resembling a primitive state due to the hand made materials used.


In this environment Brutalism takes a new twist, carrying soft and gentle forms and a timeless elegance. In the next 3-5 years we will be surrounded by sculptural forms driven by strong textures and materiality. Dirt, imperfections, contrast and disproportion sculpters, roughness and purity.

Nature traces trigger people’s curiosity generating unexpected environments and new experiences to join. Knowing and understanding the brand’s background will be extremely important. We will walk into the future always keeping in mind our past and its roughness. In this trend material expresses it self in its maximum state. 2020 is time for new perspective, we give value to what is different.


Foot Print

Driven by nature and free exploration, by a strong energy and open mind approach, this trend comes to life with a sustainable and responsible mindset. In saturated markets like today, people are Re-Thinking our current business model, shifting to products that have a life cycle that continues from disposal to renewable. But the new decades is marking new points in the sustainable profile of the business world. Anxiety has reached the mass and people are accepting new challenges in order to live in a different world. Therefore sustainability takes a twist, new business such as renting clothes and other goods are giving the possibility to people to avoid mass consumption and overcrowds of things, pushing the commercial world towards the economics of caring.

A trend of future, made from the new generation that rules and sets the pace. In 2020 millennials are not anymore asking, are pretending to have an economy that circulates around sustainability. Clean shapes and raw materials are setting the path to this trend, leading into a balance and calm place where colours and structure are made of nostalgia for primitive shapes. The community is strong, and is blending all voices in one, leaving spaces for privacy and isolation when needed. Sustainability is used to drive innovation, exploring waste reuse and lo impact production.


In 2020 we will focus on the true cost of ownership and revalue local creative consumption. We see a biological future where we celebrate a natural trans-formative energy, made of experimentation and a new perspective, of natural recipes with a reactive magical process. We see natural and raw pigments to push forward a dynamic and regenerative approach, we fine peace in the simplicity of nature.

Our personal growth is encouraged by a selective apathy to yield better results. There we connect with nature, we accept imperfections to low level of anxiety and burst into balance. Earthy colours are setting a security in the space, outlining a structure, forming n emotional space. Spaces of furniture that smells like nostalgia providing a sense of belonging.


License to Dream

As enlighten in the past years trends we are becoming a global generation with interlaced voices and new perspectives. Due to the pressure of sustainability in a fast changing world, we are facing a change of mindset. BORO a rooted tradition from Japan, meaning Born-Out-Of-Necessity, will be the common denominator. We concentrate in buying less but Buying better, is about making and mending rather than over-buy. This 2020 will see a peculiar attention and honour on patchwork aesthetic, enhancing self expression and playful techniques, empowering diversity and thinking.

2020 we embrace the importance of common voices, intergenerational perspectives and emotions. The new decade is a world of face to face connections shifting away from surrealism. Is this trend there is a strong pendency towards being urban social, being as strong as it can be together, focusing on human and not super-human, focusing on who we are and where we are living. The design presents contrasts reflecting the generations and the time we live in now.
We are what we are. And we are ready to show it.


The revolution is female. 20’s will give voice to a global touch, to sensorial stimulations and free spirit. Retro-experience will become a necessary tool to move forward. Tradition and experience blend seamlessly. Cultural differences are strong and presented as statements of who we are and what we do in the world.
The materialisation of the objects are affirming and describing our cultural place and heritage.

Constructions take on a sculptural cutting with visible detailing and a elegant simplicity, embracing technology while shifting between realism and mysticism in pursuit of personal haven. Strong the experimentation with layering, asymmetry and splicing. 2020 is embracing exchange, creativity diverse identities, a new optimism. Indigenous style meets global influences. It’s the time of inclusivity over appropriation.