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TRUE and CMF, the 2019 color palettes

The CMF circle is configured as follows: The six colours of one of the colour palettes around the outside, the “main colours”. The complementary colours and highlighting colours of the palette. The segments of the circle indicate the percentage of application of the colour in a product, divided between “hard materials” (structure and rigid surfaces) and soft materials (padded furnishings and upholstery). For the correct colour coding, the team uses the Pantone, RAL and NCS, Colour Code Systems.

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Soft Blocking

This trend is made of a strong equilibrium between soft formation and heavy, grounded materials.It extends beyond functionality, it is about a new sculptural and emotional design approach which expresses it-self through architectural shapes using different proportions.
This variations in scale and rhythm add dynamism to any design and due to the prevelance of pale pastel tinted tones, the boldness of the forms are soften up.

Soft Blocking is a trend for stripping away the excess and to bring us towards a lightness in shape despite the dimensions. Light hues are offset by unexpected depth of saturated darks, heightened by the use of different finishes.

Soft Blocking is a trend for stripping away the excess and to bring us towards a lightness in shape despite the dimensions.


The End of Absence

Every product should have a purpose.
As consumers call for increased transparency and responsibility, brands will begin to integrate truth of shapes, and most of all functionality, fully into products. “It is what it is”. The End Of Absence looks behind: we return to a classic base shapes, made of gentle geometries combined with hard volumes. Angular designs create a futuristic aesthetic that seems fitting for the start of a new decade. 

Elementary forms are important, teamed wit curved elements in matte bold colors recalling the past yet looking towards the future. Large and small products will feature angular and sturdy volumes, an interplay of high- shine and hypermatte finishes, and graphic lines and mirror metallics. 
This story is sculptural and solid, and incorporates statement furniture with surprising injections of colors and light to enhance this bold retro look.


Seamless Integration

In this trend functionality becomes creative.
The concept of multi-functional designs becomes more important, with products that are resourceful, versatile and most of all playful. 
Seamless Integration pushes boundaries. Creativity is applied onto materials and manufacturing repurposing odd materials, both artificial and from waste, and further bringing consumer involvement into the mix.

Customized, modular, playful and sometimes functional, the design creates a fun curiosity and increasing sensations with hyper-sensibility. 
Smoke, carbon, raw and roughness inspire textures and surface work. 
Speckles, fine cracks, material inclusions, glass, natural felt, patterns generate products that make us live an holistic experience and make us see an hybrid aesthetic, like living in an alternative reality. Light is treated as a material as much as color is. It is a key element to create immersive and mood changing effects, bringing into the game the digital tactility. 


Organic Fragments

As recycling becomes a more urgent priority, the design takes a broad path to encourage it and to carve new opportunities from it. Projects are repurposes the waste, turning them into new usable pieces. Sustainability is one of the leading challenges of our time, and it’s not going away. For this reason Organic Fragments draws inspiration from local or/and naturally sourced materials, craft techniques to give designs a sense of authenticity and honesty.

With a focus on details and finishes, as well always trying to restore the true value of materials. Sustainability will become and maybe already is a lens through which we view all our products and systems. Further, heritage craft is combined with technology, enabling natural materials to be used peculiarly. The influence of the natural world remains prominent, as objects continue to blur boundaries and celebrate nature in all its form. Natural tones and raw hues are explored, taking inspiration from organic and earth.