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The tops for every environment

True's project for the tables is an all-round vision, not only on the function of the objects, but also on their ergonomics, styles and environments.
Precious finishes for domestic spaces (the new coffee tables of the Blade family, made in marble), contemporary ergonomics (the E-quo system combines a high table with comfortable and wired seats), sophisticated details (the Ermete table allows to have a large support surface without central legs, allowing to live in a fluid and complete space).

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Blade is a versatile table system with various tabletop options and finishes to suit both personal and professional settings. Blade is defined by a very light appeal and a smooth top in solid wood or black varnished glass with a soft shape and edges.

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The new coffee tables derive from the Blade family, with which they share the great formal lightness and the marked bevel of the top that lightens the perception of its shape. Stackable and modular, low and compact, linear and precious, they are versatile as side tables, complementary, service tables, from home to office. The collection of lacquered MDF tops is further embellished by the variants in Alpi green, Verona red and Carrara white marble.


All these are the key words at the base of True's design approach for its tables; the conclusion is the same: extraordinary, everyday.
Both at home and in the office.

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A new, unusual and hybrid item with clean lines and an essential shape: a multiple seat product, halfway between a bench for seating and a stool for leaning for a short recharge break.

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The side table Cloud is made up of two different round tops and three legs, laser-cut from a steel plate, the smaller one attached with magnetic system, can be moved in different positions. The shape reminding of a cloud allows for many different configurations to meet a variety of functions and needs: it stands out for its clean and neat lines and its high flexibility for domestic and contract uses. Two heights available.

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From the coffee table to the worktops, from the table equipped with a kitchen, to the one designed for quick meetings, almost standing up. Tops in marble, solid wood and with reinforced frames so needless to have other supports.


In a working environment that is increasingly oriented towards the integration of the individual into a network, the Wing table system has been developed to guarantee great flexibility and rapid adaptability to the changing needs of space organization.

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The acoustic padded panels allow to reconfigure the work areas passing from macro sharing environments to micro environments for the focus of the individual, creating a mood favourable to the realization of ideas. Shapes and materials have been designed to convey a feeling of wellbeing that creates a relaxed and at the same time productive environment, allowing the individual to fully live the eco-system-work.


The new family of tables defined by an innovative connection system between the parts (table-top and legs) that is completely hidden. 

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Tizio e Caio

'Tizio e Caio' is a multi-functional side table comprised of two separate elements.


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The tops for every environment

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