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The new We-Go offices

Offices as a second home.

Have you ever been in a communication agency? Computers, books, gadgets, posters, papers, pens, things, words and people. Agencies are like little worlds, maybe a little chaotic, but buzzing with creativity. In the air, then, there is always that electricity that turns into sparks, then into ideas.

We-go was a bit like that, definitely smaller and less pretentious. But when it started to grow, the rooms weren't enough anymore, the pens were few and a chair was always missing. Not only did it grow, but it evolved.

A small world that was entering a slightly larger galaxy.

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True and we-go

"With True, we found a partner sensitive not only to design, but also to the evolution the agency was facing. It wasn't enough to put things in order, it was also necessary to make the environment modern, mature and comfortable, to face even the most intricate challenges with a comfort that only a home could provide."


"Today we happen to look back, thinking, every time, how natural was the choice of True in the design of the new living-working environments.

Because True has been able to interpret the way of being and evolving of we-go, adding that touch of design that first seemed to hide and then disappear under piles of books and keyboards."

"Since then, 15 years have passed and we-go sees True as a polar star when it comes to making the creative chaos of environments extraordinary… spaces that have been enlarged, modified and adapted over the years. A mutual respect that has opened the path to a two-way collaboration, watching True become a reference point for Made in Italy design in the world and we-go an agency ready to challenge the big names in the industry.

The attention and helpfulness of the "True family" then led to the start of the journey to unknown but extraordinary worlds."

A bold attitude is developed from the surrounding environment.

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