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E-quo: the making of

The scenario

The office is an increasingly active and dynamic world, characterized by ever-changing working patterns. The traditional furnishing elements (desk and seat) are gradually being joined, if not replaced, by new elements such as armchairs, sofas or modular poufs on which many of today's operational activities, can be carried out, not only related to work.
E-quo is placed within this context of continuous research and revolution of the work philosophy.

The product

A new, unusual and hybrid object. A seat that is halfway between the stool, the bench and the wall in which we lean instinctively and informally while chatting, on the phone as well as face-to-face.

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The cue came from the great places of meeting and exchange between people: fairs, airports, shopping malls; benches, seats, sofas arranged in these "non-places" become themselves places of attraction: a spot not only for resting, but also for telephone calls, reading, short meetings or lunch breaks.

E-quo is indeed the result of subtraction: a seat, a place of work reduced to a minimum, only the essential to be able to carry out our activities, because often the excess of superstructures represents a useless constraint to human action.

The concept

E-quo has a very small seat at a height of about 60 cm and is therefore designed for temporary rest in a semi-upright position.
The idea is to bring into the work environment what you usually do in the open air when you "lean" against a wall to make a phone call, take notes or surf the web. 


Anything is possible, anything is allowed.

The design intervention was aimed precisely to make the object more attractive, comfortable and functional without betraying its minimalist soul. E-quo is also a place of freedom, a place to occupy in a conscious and instinctive way because it allows total independence of interpretation and occupation of the object: sitting, crouching, leaning, standing, riding or walking around waiting for the phone to charge.
Anything is possible, anything is allowed. Even working, writing, eating, playing on the work top.
It is an object that is suitable for satisfying people's needs without imposing a hierarchy of posture: it doesn't wrap, doesn't force, doesn't block, doesn't swallow. 

E-quo is the outcome of a design process that starts from the observation of man's spontaneous behaviour to codify it in new living possibilities and therefore in new furnishing accessories.
E-quo is equipped with electrical and USB wiring that allow to recharge laptops, phones and tablets during the time spent on the desk.


The designers

In the designs of Orlandini, simplicity is the most remarkable feature. Simplicity means designing simple technical solutions that make the product both economical and reliable. It also means designing with an eye to the manufacturing problems.
Products are designed with the planned potential to be personalized and modified, following the market demands.


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